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Led Lenser

LED Lenser are incredibly energy efficient, LEDs generate almost no heat and can therefore use most of their electrical energy to generate light. Incandescent light bulbs give off most of their energy in the form of heat-carrying infrared light photons. Only about 10% of the light produced is the visible spectrum, this wastes alot of electricity, or battery power in the case of flashlights.

LEDs are longer lasting. The lifespan of LEDs are measured in years rather than hours for incandescent bulbs. LEDs are rated to burn brightly for 100,000 hours of service - that's almost 11.5 years of continuous light.

LEDs are compact. A great deal of light can be created
and emitted in a very small space.

LEDs are durable. With their tough construction, small size and no breakable filaments, LEDs can stand up to much rougher handling than incandescent bulb based lights.


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We have an extensive range of stockfeeds for almost all farm animals. Our horse feed range includes Hygain, Barastoc, oaten chaff, lucerne chaff, 50/50 chaff. If we don't have it then we can usually get it in within a few days

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