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Weed Stop Industrial Combo

Weed Stop Industrial Combo

5Ltr Glymac 360 + 500g Weed Stop + 1kg Clomac
(treats 5000m2)
Provides knockdown of existing weeds and long residual pre-emergence control of many annual and some perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds as listed on the label

CATEGORY - Herbicide/weedkiller


Provides long residual control in Winter rainfall areas. Apply to bare moist ground in the following situations:-

Commercial and industrial areas
Fence lines and firebreaks
Storage yards
Other situations as listed on the product labels

When the Glymac 360, Weed Stop and Clomac herbicides are used in conjunction, they will provide broad spectrum Knock down and Pre-emergence control of many annual and some perennial grasses and broad leaf weeds as listed on the product labels.
COVERAGEWeed Force Weed Stop herbicide

At typical use rates 100 grams of Weed Stop herbicide treats approximately
Handgun/Knapsack - mixes up to 100 lt of spray mix
Boom spray -

COVERAGE - 100 grams treats up to 1000 square meters

Macspred Glymac 360

At typical use rates when using a Handgun/Knapsack applicator,

1lt of Glymac 360 mixes up to 100lt of spray mix

No smell
Granular formulations
Combines the knockdown might of Glymac 360 with the long lasting residual control of Weed Stop and Clomac herbicides an to give you bare ground where you need it.
Provides long lasting weed control of susceptible weeds for up to 9 months

STOCK SAFE / RESTRICTIONSRefer to the various product labels for more information
Keep stock away from treated areas as some noxious weed may become palatable.

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